Moving from Annapolis, Maryland to King George, Virginia was a big change. Rob Heeman, Heeman Construction built our custom home in Potomac Landing. It was one of the best experiences we have ever been through. Over the past twenty years my family has relocated seven times throughout the country. We purchased a new home with every move. In total we purchased seven new homes, one in St. Louis; then Cleveland; then Indianapolis; then Chicago; then Houston; then Boston; then out last one back in St. Louis. By far, our eight new home built by Rob Heeman was the best home we purchased. Not just a well-built home, but a well-developed process which was very enjoyable.

Rob took time before starting to build to walk us through his process. He included us in the design and invited to come by as often we were available. We believe the reason Rob’s homes are built better is that Rob is on site every day. Many home builders rely on a site manager instead of being there every day which usually delivers a lower quality of work. Not Rob Heenan, he’s on site every day.

Also, Rob helped us make decisions about things that we never really thought about, such as which way doors should open and close, and where to place outlets and light switches. Rob uses quality materials and the top subcontractors in the area. He’s also hands on, which means the subcontractors are being guided by a professional which gives you assurance it’s going to be done right.

After you take possession of your home you can also be assured that Rob will be in the neighborhood building a new home, so he’s always available to answer questions or check out anything you ask about. It’s a great feeling having someone who is around after the sale is complete and will honor his warranty.
Good Luck in your new home search.

Robb Harling,